Fareast Holdings Ltd

About us

Short Story About Our Company

Fareast Holdings Ltd was established 2010 with agoal to provide efficient and cost effective services to all our clients. We provide ourselves in being one of the biggest emerging companies in the ever- growing developing sector in Bangladesh. The firm also specializes in various kinds of cross sections including but not limited to constructions, supply of various constructions materials and other profitable goods etc. We are also working in Dredging. One of our main aim is to provide an efficient logistics plan which is an essential part of who we are and what we do. We also fully comprehend the need of having a proper logistics plan as at FHL we value the concept of time and strive to provide methods which will be both cost and time efficient. As a result of our perseverance and competence we have managed to ensure delivery of various works that we have undertaken with precision and high degree of success. Here at FHL we are always on the look out to provide the best quality materials for the construction of various projects. Also we are strive ourselves in providing the most efficient logistical support possible. Due to our competences and tenacity we were able to complete various sizes of projects with ease. We have an open door policy which has assisted us in the past to keep an open line of communications between us and our valued clients which has further established us as the best choice.


FHL means reliability, leadership, efficiency, honesty, professionalism and dedication. Fareast Holdings Ltd by the phase of time business network was expanded by the dynamic leadership of FHL which established in 2010, focusing on bulk trading, import and export.

A continuous hardship journey since 2010 onward, by the phase of momentum &with sense of reality this company becomes one of the fast growing companies in Bangladesh working since last couple of years contribute Fareast Holdings Ltd Zoning her all out efforts for the economical development of the country. It is indeed to explain, in last year our growth rate is around 75% as we have 19 conglomerates so far working under this Company.

From the year of 2010 Fareast Holdings Ltd has diversified its business network in of Construction Contractors for the Roads & Highways, Bridges & Culverts, High-rise Buildings, Factory Buildings, Flood Embankment, Dredging, Hydraulic Structures & Operation Maintenance, Supplies of stones, Boulders, Chips, Bricks , Sand and all types of construction materials etc.