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Quality Aluminum & Packaging Ltd

Quality Aluminum & Packaging Ltd. was founded in 2019, has taken appropriate measure with an innovative approach to meet the current need of customers to match the challenges of industrial demand of 21st century in global context. The project shall be set-up in, Rajbari Sadar, Rajbari. All infrastructure facility to run the project is readily available there. The machinery for the project has been proposed to be imported mainly from Korea, Taiwan, China and India. After implementation, the project will create employment opportunity for 100 personnel of various categories. The demand and consumption of foils are increasing day by day. The project will be able to satisfy a small portion of the growing demand of local market.

Market Aspects:

Bangladesh has a very wide market for various foils due to flourishing of Pharmaceuticals units and Food Packaging’s and Others. All Products from the Proposed Unit shall consume by our local Market through Distributors, Suppliers, Agents and a part shall export in the International Market, and there is a large demand of foils items in our local Market as well as International Market.

Having automatic machinery with state-of-the-art technology and producing various foils of international quality and standard, the proposed project will face no significant barrier into the market, because here is a big market which is making up yet through Import maximum.

Socio-economic Aspects:

Upon implementation, the project will create direct job opportunities for 100 persons of different categories. The project will contribute significantly (Tk………….. lakh) to the GDP of the country per year from the 3rd year of commercial operation. The macro-economic effect will change the socio-economic condition of the directors, the employees, and the country as whole.

Environmental Aspects:

The modern technology to be applied to this project will turn it into a “green project” by useing biogradeable stuffs and by allowing nothing to left out in the atmosphere. So the project will be an environment-friendly one.


To achieve sustainable profit growth by being the manufacturer of choice for disposal Aluminum Bottom foil. As a company we value the safety of our people, protection of our environment.


To achieve sustainable profit growth and attain the leading portion as the manufacturer of safe and affordable disposable Alu Alu (Bottom) Foil. Quality Aluminum & Packaging ltd. was established in recognition to the general need of the growing pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh. A major portion of AluAlu Bottom foils were imported from abroad to meet the primary packaging requirements of pharmaceuticals. Quality Aluminum & Packaging Ltd. has proudly been furnishing the packaging needs for pharmaceutical industry since 2019. Our main strengths are high-tech machineries, super skilled men-power, products with the reliable quality and stableperformance, competitive price and thoughtful after sale-service.