Fareast Holdings Ltd

Our Capability

Residential, Industrial and commercial

FHL in the past have successfully undertaken and completed various sizes of projects which range from industrial, residential to commercial buildings. We have managed to provide all the logistics requirements which include but not limited to supplying of stones, cements and any other materials that may have been required by our esteemed clients. Our past experiences though were challenging but FHL managed to overcome it with the assistance of our very competent employees and a flawless logistical plan.

Remote Work

FHL has both the capability and the experience to provide various types of logistical Support at any place in Bangladesh.FHL has in the past completed tasks at various remote places which posed variety of logistical challenges. However, due to our hard work, planning and competence we managed to complete the tasks given to us with flawless execution. We have worked at various remote places such as Khagrachori, Rangamati, Barishal,Gopalgonj and Rajbari etc.


We are committed to delivering a superior quality product in the shortest possible time frame maximizing value for our clients; We aim to be a respectable building contractor delivering what is expected of us within the time frame provided. This discipline in providing the best quality service has given us a tremendous amount of prideand this can be attributed to our core philosophy. We uphold our core philosophy by performing the following tasks thoroughly and rigorously:

  • Establishing a plan which will provide the best and the most competitive price for our clients.
  • Establishing a detailed schedule and form are source plan to meet our client’s project objective,
  • Establishing a clear line of communication with all project stakeholders,
  • Establishing and maintaining a track project progress and fine-tune deviations.
  • Establishing a routine to supervise closely on quality of all work done.
  • Establishing an efficient system to complete the project on time.
  • Establishing a clear logistical plan to ensure that projects are running smoothly.
  • Establishing a creative and efficient plan to ensure that any unforeseeable problem is solved.
  • Establishing a time frame to ensure projects are delivered within the time frame agreed upon.
  • Establishing and maintaining all time a direct communication between the ourselves.

Modern Equipment and Plant

With our significant investment in modern plant and equipment, we are fully resourced to meet all the needs of our clients across a range of industries. Furthermore, we are always on the lookout to update our equipment so that our client receives the most effective service available. Our machines are fitted with the latest machine control and guidance systems that maximize machine accuracy and productivity, reducing the overall project costs for our clients. Our modern equipment is compliant to all relevant legislative requirements, Equipment is checked daily prior to use, ensuring compliance and safety.

Fully Trained and Experience Operators

FHL values its employee’s safety deeply and our safety record is second to none. Our good record can be attributed to its operators who are fully trained in operating various equipment safety and effectively, with only the most proficient personnel completing final trim works on projects. FHL is extremely proud of its employee’s competence and willing to learn new things while on work. We provide training to our operators on a monthly basis so that the level of competence of our operators does not fall below the expectation of our clients.