Fareast Holdings Ltd

Our Sustainability


Cost and Time Effective.

FHL is well equipped in both having experience personnel and the requisite equipment to ensure that our client’s project is completed within the agreed time as we value our commitments over anything else. We have managed to develop a logistical system which has proven to be both cost and time effective. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve our ever-growing network to further ensure that our client’s time is saved. By focusing on effective time saving methods we have always managed to provide high quality work within the time frame provided and in turn reducing the cost of the overall project.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

We pride ourselves on the knowledge, skills and experience of our employees who always strive to work together as a team delivering successful projects on various sectors of the economy. FHL with the assistance of its skilled and experienced employees have undertaken and successfully completed various projects within the time frame provided by our esteemed clients. This was mainly possible due to the vast amount of knowledge, skills and experience our team has managed to acquire over the years by successfully completing various types of projects. Here at FHL we believe in sustainable growth, and it would not have been possible without our highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable and vastly experienced workers. These particulars mixture of characteristics has made us a very highly competent and efficient company when it comes to delivering valuable projects within the time frame we have been provided.

Hallmark of Confidence

Various bilateral, multilateral construction projects were carried out by FHL which has installed a huge amount of confidence on to our clients regarding our capability and competence. We have achieved such high level of confidence due to our endeavor to provide the best service and materials to our respected clients. Some of our esteemed past clients .

Logistical Superiority

Though our main office is situated at the heart of Dhaka city in Banani but our presence can be felt all over the country. We have offices all over the country to ensure that our clients always receive the most efficient service within the time frame provided by our client. Our logistic superiority is evident from all the places in the country we currently situated at such as Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajbari &Gopalgonj to name a few. This has provided us with the capability to supply various kinds of materials all over the country with flawless execution. Furthermore, we have both the resources and the know how to establish an efficient logistical channel at any place within the country which will allow us to deliver any services and or materials to all over the country, FHL is also capable of obtaining various construction materials

From all over the world as in the past we have managed to obtain various kinds of materials such as black stone, Bolder and cement from India, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Oman etc. We have also Dredging support from Netherland, Singapore, Thailand and China etc.


One of our primary goals is to keep our client updated as to the progress of the project we undertook for them. Here at FHL limited we try our fullest to provide the “We are assured” experience to our clientele. This includes but not limited to providing and maintaining a direct communication line between our clients, providing a hands-on service which includes visitation from our upper management to our project sites, replying to any of the queries sent to us by our clients. The value of providing a clear and unambiguous answer to our client is an extremely important aspect to our business model and we pride ourselves in providing the best solution to our clients. FHL is always going to be beside our clients to tackle any unforeseeable situation that may arise and will always strive to provide the moist effective and cost saving solution. We can be reached through phone calls, emails, fax and even we encourage our client to set a meeting with us on a regular basis at our office or Virtual ways; so that they are always well informed as to the progress of our work.

Various Kinds of projects

We here at FHL Understand and have the requisite experience to handle various sizes of projects. FHL have undertaken an extensive range of civil construction projects, Dredging’s all construction materials with the ability to handle contracts valued under $1 million to major complex works in excess of $50 million. Our highly experienced management and engineering teams work in close collaboration with clients, project managers and principal consultants from preliminary design to ultimate completion.

Our Network

FHL from the day of its incorporation has been busy establishing valuable and meaningful business relationship both domestic and abroad. As such we have always tried to maintain a healthy and fruitful relationship with other entities of Bangladesh both public and private.FHL has long lasting and a healthy relationship with various government institute of Bangladesh such BIDA, Customs, BTRC, RJSC, REB, Chamber of Commerce etc.FHLhas in the past been invited to various meetings held by the government of Bangladesh in which we are asked to provide our insights as to doing business in Bangladesh. Also every year our team members are invited to join the “DOING BUSINESS IN BANGLADESH” forum hosted by World Bank and others Organizations etc.

Pro-Active Approach

The pro-active approach taken by our highly skilled in-house maintenance team ensures that the equipment is always available for use, guaranteeing the efficient delivery of our projects. FHL Understand that a pro-active approach is paramount when it comes to maintaining our vast number of equipment for keeping our whole business running smoothly and efficiently.